Sen2Cor not accepting input product

I´m not sure if there is a similar thread for snappy conf error in windows. But reading this, something similar happened to me in two windows computers (I wish I had known about snappy during the sen2cor installation to have instsalled the python then).
I have the command line in one computer running.
On the other one, it´s missing.
But anyway in both when typing snappy-conf python.exe_directorypath I get the same error.
It creates the snappy forlder, with snappy python but from what I see in tutorials, some files are missing. So the module snally is not recognized.
Don´t know how to proceed…

snappy-conf and sen2cor are not connected. Sen2Cor does not use snappy.
However, from reading the error I assume you have a problem with the specified input product.
The file does not seem to match the expectations of Sen2Cor.
Maybe you show more of the configuration. Then it might be easier to help you.

I agree with @marpet. It has nothing to do with Snappy and sen2cor is properly installed. But you use a wrong input. Can you show us the I/O Parameter tab?

I’ve moved this into another thread.

See here: