Sen2Cor problem installation


The Sen2Cor work to me only once and the Sentinel-2 2A product have 9 bands instead of 10.
Then I try again to run the process and the procedure doesn’t execute.
I try to instal the Sen2Cor 2.3.0 and it gave me folowing error!!!

Then I try to install the Sen2Cor 2.3.1 and the following packages don’t instal.

And one other thing that I realize, is that when I install the plugin of the Sen2Cor 2.3.0 or 2.3.1 into SNAP, the version is always 2.1.2

Can you please give a solution, because the run the procedure many times with the same results !!!

Good morning Cat.Karag,

regarding the first two print screens: For me everything looks fine. It installed everything properly. The glymur message appears because you may have installed an old sen2cor version before it? Did you uninstall (repeat the following command prompt until it shows that nothing can be uninstalled: pip uninstall sen2cor) it before installing sen2cor 2.3.0 again? Did you try to run in the command window: L2A_Process --help. If there is an error, then something else went wrong.