SEN2COR-processed L2A data - 2 bands missed

Hello ALL,

After I processed Sentinel-2A L1C data to L2A data, Band 8 and Band 10 missed. Did anyone ever encounter this problem? Thank you for help!

Regards, Gao.

it might be helpful to have a look at the manual. :wink: Chapter 2.4

Dear ralf,

Thank you so much for your very helpful message. Chapter 2.4 gives the reason why Band 10 is omitted after processing: this band is Cirrus band that gives no ground information. However, I am still unclear about why Band 8 is omitted. Do you have any ideas on this? Thank you!

Regards, Yiqing.

The processing for 8 band is only permormed when you making atmospheric correction for 10 meters. Why? I have no idea :frowning:


Hi @gaodiansuan
Did you get an idea why band 8 is omitted after performing 60 Resolution ?

Hi Daniel,

Not yet. I found that both for the 60 and 20 resolutions, the Band 8 is omitted. But interestingly, for the 10 m resolution, Band 8 is preserved after the atmospheric correction. I do not know why this happens. But if you think 10 m resolution is more suitable for your work, I would suggest you consider 10 resolution. :wink:

Regards, Gao.

Hi @gaodiansuan

Thanks for the reply !

Thats was my question actually , how do I know which resolution is suitable for my study if I am doing vegetation monitoring ! Do I have to calculate the indices first and then comparing the results from different resolution bands?
It was just a question which I know I need to figure it out by my self but just want to have other opinions :smile:

Thanks, D

Hi Daniel,

I am not sure which resolution is better for your research. But from my point of view, the higher resolution, the better~ :grin:

Hope it helps~

Regards, Gao.

Hallo Gao,

look also in chapter 2.6 of the manual. There is explained in more detail which bands are used with which resolution. Consider the similarity of band and band 8a. They are located at the same spectral position, however band 8 is at 10 m resolution and therefore requires a broader spectral halfwidth It makes little sense resampling this band to 20 m or 60 m when a channel with a smaller bandwidth is available for the same spectral position in that spatial resolution.


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Hi @bdpg, @gaodiansuan, @riyaadh91
So just to make it clear as it is really confusing:grin::

From the L2B Prototype manual, when processing:

-The 60m product** we will get: B1, B9, B10, B2, B3, B8a, B11, and B12. B8 Omitted (Not used for 60m processing and B10 Omitted (does not contain surface information).

-The 20m product we will get: B5, B7, B8a, B11, B12, B01, B09, B10, B2, B3, and B4. B8 Omitted (Not used for 60m processing) and also B10 Omitted.

-The 10m product we will get B2, B3, B4, and B8. The other Bands will be omitted.

*A question for all users: is this what we should get when perform the sen2cor processing for the above?

However, why when I am opening the L2B processed 20m product some of the bands can not be opened although they are exist which are B1, B3, B7 , B5 , B6, B11, B12? any idea why ?

I am proccessing now the 10m product ! awaitting the results

Thanks, D

I did not find any problems when run Sen2cor . it works fine for making atmospheric correction to 10,m, 20m, and 60m. only 10 band is omitted. the rest give the same result.

Can you please upload the manual. This one is not working?

I recommend you downloading S2-PDGS-MPC-L2A-IODD-V2.5.5.pdf from the Sen2Cor download website. This document contains the full description of all input- and output variables of Sen2Cor.

Dear Poanh,

Please be informed that, as reported in Sentinel-2 Level 2A Input Output Data Definition, Sentinel-2 Band 10 is not present in the output of Sen2Cor because “No output generated as it does not contain surface information”.

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Hi Fabrizio

Is B10 still not present in the output of Sen2COr?

I am using Sen2Cor version 2.10 .


No and probably never will.
On page 13 and 16 of L2A Product Definition Document v14.9, you see that it doesn’t contain surface information.
The same is mentioned on page 30 in Sen2Cor Configuration and User Manual v2.10