Sen2cor Processing Error

Can someone help me solve this issue?

I resolved all except the last error:

"L1C user product directory must match the following mask: S2A_?????????L1C*

Any guidance would be appreciated!

can you please also post your command in here?

This is the result I get from running SEN2COR tool, the “display execution output” window displays the following:


Sen2Cor expects as input the exact L1C product root folder (S2A_OPER_*.SAFE). You were providing it with another folder whose name doesn’t match the pattern.

that is right. The Folder name should not be changed before the execution of L2A_Process.

Thank you both for the assistance.

It was a combination of wrong file name and location (couldn’t run it off of my external hard drive).

**My system (windows 10) has issues with extracting the original S2 imagery because of the long naming convention.