Sen2Cor processing not all tiles under VM

Hello there!
I am currently running Sen2Cor (2.8 version) via a virtual machine in Linux Mint via the anaconda environment. I started at 8 GB ram and am now currently at 14 GB ram, as prior to that the process would terminate in the command prompt (the terminated successfully error at 70% that other people here also had, available ram dropped down to 5gb and then sen2cor just terminated - however, that was resolved I think). So, when running the code now, there are mostly always 1 or 2 tiles that do not get processed, mostly the 60m bands (I did not specify resolution). I’ve tried with several scenes as to ensure they are not broken, but at this point I do not know what the reason could be. The command prompt only gives me this error message:

WARNING: /X/Y/Z/L1C/1/S2A_MSIL1C_20200705T110621_N0209_R137_T29RMP_20200705T131450.SAFE/GRANULE/L1C_T29RMP_A026303_20200705T111905 did not complete processing at 60 m resolution.
Files that failed:

I do not get why this happens, as it seems to happen randomly. However, after processing I now have half empty folders.

Also please excuse if this is a very basic thing, I am new to this - I thought it might have something to do with missing memory, however, I am running a small script parallel, I always have roughly 5 gb of memory left, so maybe it has something to do with the VM?

Kind regards