Sen2cor run error

Hello, ereryone!

There is a problem I met when I’ve been trying to use the Sen2cor to process the sentinel 2 Level 1C data to Level 2A product. After running Sen2cor, there is no file in the GRANULE directory.
May I have your help plz?


Please, see:

Hi, obarrilero,

Thanks for your reply!
My target resolution include 10, 20 or 60m. The release notes ‘S2-PDGS-MPC-L2A-SUM-V2.5.5’, which are provided by Sen2Cor Development Team, shows If resolution setting omitted, all resolutions will be processed.

And there are many L1C files I try to process, some L1C files can be processed to get the L2A product with three resolution, but some files can not.

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Hi Emily,

in this case it would help people here to reproduce and analyse your issues if you point out one or more specific L1C file(s) that do(es) not work (and maybe one/several that work, too). and the full command you are trying to execute on them.

Hi jmendrok,

thanks very much and sorry for my late reply. I use another computer to reprocess the L1C files that do not work , and Sen2cor don’t report an error after running.
I still don’t understand exactly what happened to the computer. It’s a little bit weird.

thanks again!