Sen2Cor stand-alone problems & Snap integration

Good morning. As someone as noticed in previous threads the sen2cor 2.4.0 stand-alone can not properly process the S2 products that have been produced afterf October 2017, because of some change in the product format. An update of sen2cor to solve this problem was expected before the end of 2017 but it is still missing. I have personally verified that anyway that the sen2cor processing works correctly even with S2 products sensed after october 2017 if it is invoked via SNAP 6.0 as an external tool. How can it be explained? and when will the updated standalone version be availble? @obarrilero @umwilm

Hi @antonio19812,

as far as I know, the error produced in sen2cor version 2.4.0 is an error produced during the metadata validation because of some change in the product metadata definition. But this validation is carried out when all the processing is finished and the output product is generated properly (with perhaps some differences in the metadata, but it is possible to use these output products and to open them in SNAP).

Moreover, the sen2cor plugin is ‘only’ building the command-line to execute the external sen2cor, so the output should be exactly the same. Perhaps the only difference is that the sen2cor plugin is missing this error and it does not show it to the user.

On the other hand, I know that they are finishing a new version of Sen2Cor, but I do not know when is it going to be released.