Sen2Cor terrain correction fails with 20 & 10 m

Hi all,

I’ve tried to use the sen2cor terrain correction. When setting resolution to 60 m, the processing succeeds and I get terrain corrected granules. But if I set the resolution to 20, 10 or no specific (all resolutions get processed) resolution, sen2cor gets stuck after :

Copy nodata values from source ...

This shows the attempt when it suceeded:

And here, where it failed:

You can see that the process gets stuck.

Has anybody made the same experience or can help me with this issue?


I’ve had the same issue on a windows 10 box, but it shows three progress bars then gets stuck.

I initially thought this might have been multiple threads conflicting with each other, but then found this code snippet in L2A_Process which makes it unlikely:

if name == “main”:
if platform.system() == ‘Windows’:

When i find some time, I’m going to investigate gdalwarp in an independent conda terminal to ensure this is working OK.

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