Sen2coral depth invariant

I use Depth Invariant Indices Operator from sen2coral. When i use B2 and B3 as source bands i get an output.

But when i use B1 and B2 or b3 and B1 as source bands i get an empty output.

Both of the three cases i am using the same polygons for the deepWaterVector and the sameBottomVectors.

Any ideas?

Hi @giannis,

it should work with B1. Could you please share the product you are using and your configuration parameters in order to try to reproduce your processing?

For deep water area i am using the vector data with the name deep and for the same bottom area vector data with the name geom.

Thank you in advance for your help.


In the band 1, the deep water reflectance is higher than on the other areas, what is a problem for the algorithm (It has to compute some logarithms so it discards the pixels where Reflectance-DeepReflectance is negative). I think that this is the problem in your image. Perhaps it is not always possible to use the algorithm with B1, where deep water reflectance can be higher than shallow water reflectance.

So in that case you would consider using another image (different time period)?

I am also struggling with the problem except it occurs regardless of the band combinations that are used, wondering if anyone has suggestions for how to at least get the B2/B3 combination to work.

I am also having the same issue with blue/green bands of S2 - any comments would be appreciated