Is there any possibility of running sen2coral from python so i can use it in batch mode for multiple images?


It should work using snappy. Please see:

Another option for running SNAP in batch mode is the Graph Processing Tool (GPT) that is included in the SNAP installation.


Thank you for your answer. One more question but how i can call the plugin of sen2coral since it is a build plugin (you call it from IntelliJ IDEA programm)?


If you have built it properly, then you will have some .nbm files in the target/netbeans-site folder of the sen2coral-kit. You can use these files for installing the sen2coral plugin in SNAP: Tools->Plugin->Downloaded->AddPlugins…

If you prefer, you can also execute it directly from IntelliJ.


I have build the application and i have installed the plugin in snap. I have installed jython.

I was trying to implement this code for the Depth Invariant Indices :
import snappy
from snappy import *
from snappy import GPF
from snappy import jpy
from snappy import HashMap
from snappy import ProductIO

HashMap = jpy.get_type(‘java.util.HashMap’)

parameters = HashMap()
parameters.put(‘sourceBands’, ‘B2,B3’)
parameters.put(‘sameBottomVectors’, ‘deep’)

How i can call in this script the Depth Invariant Indices?