Sentienl 1 GRD product shift on hight mountain

So I downloaded a GRD from Sentinel 1 - Salalah city:

  1. Thermal Noise Remote
  2. Apply orbit file
  3. Calibration
  4. Terrain Correction - SRTM 3Sec - UTM/WGS84 (automatic)

and write to a GeoTIFF.

When I display in google Earth, the shift appears over high mountain area, the flat area is perfect.
Any deal how to fix this problem

Please post a picture of the shift.

Will send when you provide email

Hi mengdahl,

Could you provide email I will send link?

You could also post images directly in the forum.

Here the kmz:

It’s quite difficult to assess the quality of the co-registration in detail with such a large difference in colormaps due to perceptual effects - if you display intensity in dB with a monochrome colormap the assessment would be easier. From what I can see I’m not sure if there’s any kind of a shift since several mountain-ranges and rivers at high altitude seem to be pretty much in the correct position. But the red-yellow-blue colormap makes this difficult to assess.

How about black and white version:

As far as I can tell the coregistration is correct. BTW in your second image the image name contains “GETASSE” which is a low-resolution DEM not suitable for SAR terrain correction over mountains - I guess this is just an error in the filename?

ps. you can best try to assess the accuracy by trying to locate a riverbed or road-junction at a high altitude. These should coincide in 2D view (from straight above in GE).