Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 Data download problem


I wrote a code in python that query for an uuid of a product and then download it creating an url like:‘16d71ee3-0a56-4f94-b53d-d6cf89de95b7’)//$value

then i manage the download of the zip in this way:

response = requests.request("GET", url=url_to_download, auth=HTTPBasicAuth(user_service, pass_service), stream=True)
s = speedtest.Speedtest()
handle = open(downloaded_data_path + file_name, "wb")
downloaded = 0
pct_done = 0
 for chunk in response.iter_content(chunk_size=8192*4096):
       if chunk:
              downloaded += handle.write(chunk)
              print(int( * 1024)), 'MB Connection Download speed ---',int(s.upload()/(1024 * 1024)), 'MB Connection Upload speed')
              now = time.time()
              if now - last_print >= 1:
                    pct_done = round(downloaded / int(total_length) * 100)
                    speed = round(downloaded / (now - start) / 1024)
                    print(f"Download {pct_done} % done, avg speed {speed} kbps")
                    last_print = time.time()
 print('Download ended at status',pct_done)

It download really slowly because it print:

186 MB Connection Download speed — 43 MB Connection Upload speed
Download 9 % done, avg speed 116 kbps

And during the download it stops even if the zipfile is not completely downloaded.

I asked to the but no one answered me. Is it my problem or a Copernicus service problem?

I have this problem also for other Sentinel products.