Sentinel-1 Annual Performance Report 2022 (announcement)

The Annual Performance Report of the Sentinel-1 mission for year 2022 is available here:
[Sentinel-1 Annual Performance Report 2022 - Sentinel Online](Sentinel-1 Annual Performance Report 2022)

This report contains detailed information on the performances of the S1 products including radiometric accuracy, geometric accuracy, mitigation of Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI), performances of wind and swell measurements, etc

The production of Sentinel-1 images is evolving, taking into account updates of SAR processor, its configuration and regular recalibrations.
ESA and the SAR Mission Performance Cluster Service (SAR-MPC) are publishing regularly reports on product performances toward the end-user community:

  • the N-Cyclic Performance Report: currently published every four cycles and providing a frequent update of the mission status and performances
  • the Annual Performance Report: providing a global status of the mission status and performances for a complete civil year, and providing much more details.

Both types of reports are available on [](Sentinel Online) in the Sentinel-1 document Library were you can find the complete history of annual performance reports and the last editions of the N-Cyclic ones (the old N-Cyclic Reports are unpublished once the corresponding annual performance reports are available).

Other set of information on Sentinel performances can be found in the SAR-MPC website, including inter alia the list of processors and processor configuration, lists of quality disclaimers, etc

While this announcement is not directly related to SNAP and STEP, I think it is worth to share it here.

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