Sentinel 1 azimuthTimeInterval

Notice that in the xml file ,the parameter azimuthTimeInterval is not equal to (productlastLineUtcTime-productFirstLineUtcTime)/(numberOfLines - 1), do I have any misunderstanding about azimuthTimeInterval ?

Notice that, they use (productlastLineUtcTime-productFirstLineUtcTime)/(numberOfLines - 1) in java script, so what is the azimuthTimeInterval in the xml file???

sorry, not on point

What product are you referring to? For GRD, this should be valid but not for SLCs where

number of lines = number of bursts x lines per burst

Bursts have overlaps and this relationship wont hold.

yes, SLC is what I am considering. But why in grd it is hold

GRD is a single image (mosaic of bursts). SLC product is a collection of images with overlaps - each burst is its own image. The different images are just appended back-to-back in a tiff file for convenience.