Sentinel 1: Check if a polygon falls within a Sentinel 1 tile

Hi Everyone,

I have downloaded 2 years historical S1 GRD IW, both S1A and S1B, products for my area of interest. I want to make sure that the AOI falls completely within the downloaded tile using SNAP or SNAPPY. The problem I face is the number of images, there is around 350 images and for some dates there are multiple images.

I do check that for Sentinel 1, I have only one Relative Orbit Number. Does that mean all of the S1A images contain the AOI. Also S1B has inconsistent number of images per day.

Is there a way to check if a polygon completely within a Sentinel 1 product?

You can do some programming, extract the corner coordinates and use geopands library to check is your roi is within sentinel product. But it can be a bit complicated.

Another way is to use ASF Data Search , the have a good graphic interface for showing boundary of a set of Sentinel1 products. You can try the list and baseline search function