Sentinel 1 error image

Hi SNAP-ers, I’m here again in order to ask about a possible error on geographic coord of an image.
I’m using images from sentinel 1 in deception island, and i noticed that two year ago the relative orbit change from 82 to 9
So i’m studing two insar images from that place: from 2015 to 2016 and 2016-today, and I realized that in the first period this island was on lat 62º 58’ lon 60º 32’ (aprox) and with relative orbit 9 it is on lat 63º 15’ lon 59º 03’ (aprox)
Because of it, when i use the external DEM,the first one (rel orbit 82) gives me a java heap space error (I dont know how to correct it), but the other one (rel orbit 9) dont give me anything

To sum up, I havent got any insar images

someone can help me please??
thank you family

I know that if I do an “apply orbit file”, LAT and LON are corrected, but when I do back geocoding, I have DEM problems with orbit 9