Sentinel 1 IW GRD visual feature


I am working with S1 IW GRD products and I have some features on the original images that are causing errors on my processing chain. I am not sure about how to interpret/correct them

The images are:

This is what I see, mainly in VH polarization mode (just showing some examples)

Any idea or comments? Could it be something about the instrument?

Hi MCG, The features you have identified are cause by interference also referred to as radio frequency interference (RFI). These are due to transmitters, in your examples, on the ground which are transmitting on the same frequency as S1. So it is not an issue with the SAR instrument. The S1 instrument processor (IPF) is not able to remove the interference for L1 products.

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Hi @peter.meadows,

Thanks for your answer. Good to know for the future. I guess then that if it is more visible in VH than VV is because of the polarization of the RFI?

If using those images for further analysis, the options would be then to mask out those areas?


Hi MCG, Since the radar cross-section of cross-pol (HV or HV) is lower than co-pol (HH or VV), the RFI tends to be more visible (not always though). Yes masking the RFI is only the option to remove the impact of the interference.