Sentinel-1 Level 1 GRD data

I have tried using some of the options in sentinel-1 toolbox like wind field estimation, calibration ,

The tools like Ocean object Detection
I have been getting errors like Java Null point exception errors

On using the calibration tool
Mission GeoTIFF is currently not supported for calibration

is there any manual for the toolbox which could help me with the detailed process of using the toolbox and how do i solve this errors

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Which products are you using? If you open a GeoTIFF file, it is only an image without other needed information. The toolbox will not know how to calibrate it. You will need to use a product from a satellite based mission as distributed by a space agency or commercial provider.

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Hi Iveci,

Which sentinel dataset is perfect for oil spill detection? Can an SLC data achieve this or do i need to use a GRD dataset?

I don’t think SLC offers any benefit and working with GRD is a lot simpler and faster.

Hey Mengdahl,

Thank you very much.

One more question. Should change detection using sentinel-1 be done also on a GRD dataset as well? I noticed in a tutorial by PCI Geomatica that sentinel 1 can be used for change detection determinations.

You will only need SLCs if you are going to use the phase for interferometry.

Aren’t SLC images necessary for calibrating to dB? Doing radiometric calibration on GRD files doesn’t have dB as an option, at least in my limited experience.

I think I may have derived the answer from elsewhere in the forum, here to be exact. I am interpreting the equation at the top of page 8 as indicating that:

sigmaNought[dB] = 10 * log10(sigmaNought)

where sigmaNought is the output of GRD Radiometric calibration. Is this correct?

Thank you.

That is correct, the linear-to-dB conversion is also available through right-clicking the band.