Sentinel 1 monitoting fire

dear everyone, we have the routine task to monitor grassland fire disaster using visible remote sensing , but cloud is a big challenge for us , so we have the idea to evaluate the burned area using sentinel-1 sar data, does anyone has any idea about it ? or could you please give us any suggestion?

We are currently starting a project looking at wildfire burn area and burn severity from SAR. There are several methods. We’re basing ours on the work by the Canadian Forest Service. You can find some papers by Goodenough, Chen and Cloude.
I’m not sure how well it can be done from dual pol S-1 and it may depend on the type of fire and severity.
With grasslands, I assume burned area will be no different in SAR than bare soil. You should look to detect grassland and then lack of it rather than look to detect the burn area.

maybe one of the fire monitoring services is helpful for calibrating and evaluating your approach