Sentinel 1 OCN vector data

We have downloaded Sentinels’1 OCN products in Interferometric Wide mode and with VV polarization.

When we open a product in Snap, in the section Product Explorer, under the folder named “Vector Data” there is a selection named “owi_wind_data”. If I doubleclick on this selection a matrix opens with these columns:









I searched the document “Sentinel 1 Product Specification” and the document “Sentinel-1 Ocean Wind Fields (OWI) Algorithm Definition” but nothing was connected to these variable names. I also noticed that the values in this vector variable are the same values to the exact points of the .nc file of Sentinel.

Does anybody know what these variables represent and how they are linked to the Sentinel product of 1 klm?

Is there any potential relationship this vector may have to the external wind direction information used to infer Level 2 from Level 1?

Thank you very much!

Hi, I suggest you take a look at Figure 6-11 on page 6-34 of the Sentinel-1 Product Specification, Issue 3-6 at This and subsequent pages describes most of the parameters in your list.

Hello Peter! Thank you so much for your response!
These variables are known but unfortunately they differ from the variables mentioned above as they are in a coarser resolution(It seems they have 11km resolution). I assume these values are used to create level 2 products derived from level 1 products but this is just an assumption.I don’t know exactly what these variables represent.