Sentinel 1 - possible Indexes etc

Hey Guys,
this might be a bit different from what is coming up here most of the time since it is not a technical question, but I do not really know where to ask this questions other than here.

What indexes/Ratios do you know that could be used with S1 IW GRD data? I am currently trying to define treshholds for a lake-ice-detection, but I am stuck somehow.

Right now I am looking at the following Values:
VV*VH, but I am not able to differentiate perfectly.

If you have any ideas etc. let me know. I have checked literature I found but I didnt find other possibilities due to the small amount of bands.

Thanks in advance,

You could try the polarimetric parameters in the polarimetric menu but you may have more luck with GLCM textures and h alpha decomposition. Does the ice move or is it bottom fast? If the ice is stable you may try coherence from a pair of images.


I will check the GLCM textures and alpha decomposition (if I can use them).
I am using GEE right now, because I do not want to download all the data (even though I will if I cant find another solution).

I did not do a coherence analysis right now´, because I can not use SLC data in GEE.