Sentinel 1 SAFE files

I’m interested in building a time series based on backscatter and coherence values computed from Sentinel 1.
I had two questions I’d appreciate help with:

  1. I’m computing the values from Sentinel 1 SAFE files (downloaded from EODAG). Do the SAFE files cover fixed geographic coordinates (same as for Sentinel 2’s tiles), or can the areas included in a file change from acquisition date to acquisition date?
  2. Are there any kml files (or some other type of file/solution) that would allow me to determine which Sentinel 1 SAFE file a coordinate belongs to?

Thanks in advance!

Duplicate of this: Sentinel 1 SLC files

If you don’t receive answers, maybe specifying your questions helps others to better understand what you need.

Sentinel 1 images are collected in TOPS mode and the tracks are consistent, but the footprints can slightly change along track, especially between 1A and 1B.