Sentinel-1 TOPS Split error

Hi everyone,
I downloaded a stack of Sentinel-1 SLC images. Of course, it take a large volume of disk space. But i just want to to do deformation extraction around a small area. So I deleted all the IW1 and IW3 subswath data and left only IW2, thus reduce the space burden. I followed the instructions to do interferometry by using SNAP. When I run the step “S-1 TOPS Split”, I encounter the error “Message: Source product should be multi sub-swath SLC burst product.”

Do you know any solutions to solve this problem. Or I cannot delete the other unnecessary subswaths at the beginning?

You cannot just go and delete the .tiffs or subdirectories without editing the metadata. TOPS-Split is the tool that should be used to get rid of subswaths you don’t need.

Thank you. This is a problem. If I can delete the subswaths dont need at the beginning, it will be better for the disk space problem, especially when doing the InSAR time series analysis.

You can do it by using TOPS split, by keeping only the bursts you need, and deleting the original SAR products.