Sentinel 1A - GRDH Striped Output

Hi, I’ve pre-processed quite a few S1A IW GRDH images using my own graph to produce a db dataset. Using it again now for a dataset from December 2015, but have a problem with the output producing just random speckled pixels as the screenshot below. There is nothing wrong with the original dataset (screenshot also shown). Does anyone have any suggestions what the issue may be.


Sean Jarrett

Maybe you can share the graph?

RUS_training_graph_nospecklefilter.xml (6.4 KB)

thank you. I tested the graph and cannot reproduce the error.

Does this happen every time or just once? Have you tested if it depends on the image?

Thanks for your support. I ran the graph with another image and same result. I closed SNAP for a 2nd time, reopened and it worked again. I’m sure I was following the same steps as previously. Thanks again