Sentinel-1B processing in Polsarpro software

I want to process sentinel-1b in Polsarpro software and get Alpha, Shannon entropy, and combinations (H,A) decomposition however when I processed S1b in Polsarpro and want to open them in SNAP software it gives me an error

Is it possible to process Sentinel1b in Polsarpro software for getting decomposition parameters?
I don’t have any problem when I process Sentinel1A in Polsarpro.


Please specify your problem: Do you have problems calculating decompositions in PolSARpro or do you have problems opening these in SNAP?

I have problem opening them in SNAP after processing them in PolSarpro software

Have you selected File > Import > SAR formats > PolSARpro?

Yes I did but still I get the same error which I put image of it
I also try to apply Multilooking on these decompositions from PolSARpro but it gives an error too.

The safest option is to perform the polarimetric analyses directly in SNAP.

There are entropy, HA decompositions ect… Most of then will look similar because S1 is only dual-pol, so you won’t have much benefit from the larger methodological variety of PolSARpro anyways.

Thanks for your suggestion Would please kindly let me know how I can get them in SNAP software?

Also when I used Sentinel-1A in Polsarpro I did not face any problem for opening and processing later in SNAP.

1 import S1 SLC data into SNAP

Data > Import > SAR Sensors > Sentinel-1

2 Apply TOPS Split

reduce the number of bursts as much as possible

3 Radiometric Calibration

select complex output

4 TOPS Deburst


5 Multi-Looking

optional, I only applied it to reduce the resolution (sometimes introduces stripes)

6 Compute polarimetric parameters or decompositions

Radar > Polarimetric > Decomposition / Classification



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As you see, the quality is not so great, because these tools require HH and HV as well. But technically you can compute many of the things and I don’t think that PolSARpro will lead to different or better results.

Many thanks for your reply
Yes I understand your point.

But still it is not possible to get Shannon entropy and Raney decomposition in SNAP software is it correct?

As both are based on a T3 matrix I don’t think this is possible at all. Or were you able to compute it in PolSARpro?

I did calculate them on C2 in PolSar pro for Sentinel1A

maybe one of the developers of PolSARpro can answer if S1B is somehow different.