Sentinel-2: absence of Level-2A when Level-1C exists

Updated to express a more general case.

I’ve looked at Sentinel-2 product in the Copernicus Open Access Hub archive beginning 2017 until now and I find two situations where L1C products have no L2A equivalents published:

  • Any Sentinel-2B before Dec 2017 – I guess routine S2B L2A production began then. So I shouldn’t complain.

  • Occasional instances where Single Tiles have no L2A product but their neighbouring tiles - acquired at the same time - do. Below is an example over Sardinia:

Here there is no L2A product while there is for all adjacent tiles e.g.T32TMK - See the link below:

Q: How can I best obtain the L2A versions of such products? Or are they missing due to a show-stopping circumstance?