Sentinel-2 imaging time

The Sentinel-2 handbook states that the imaging time is 10:30 am

and the image file has another time
which time should be considered?

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Timestamps are in UTC, so this may just be ~ 10:30 AM “mean local solar time” at the location of the image which is in UTM zone 38, so indeed several hours ahead of UTC.

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Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately I didn’t understand what you meant

The timestamp of the image is 20180802T073611. 07:36:11 is the time of the acquisition, in Universal Time Coordinates (UTC). That is the time at the 0 meridian (in Greenwich, England). Your image is for tile T38SPH, i.e. UTM zone 38, somewhere in the Iran-Irak-Turkey border area. That zone is about 3 hours ahead in local time, relative to UTC. Thus, local solar time is 10:36:11. QED.

The Descending Node is the “…point at which an orbiting body passes from the northern side of a reference plane to the southern side…” . In the case of Sentinel-2, this is the Equator. Thus, for Sentinel-2, the LTDN (Local Time of Descending Node) is also the Mean Local Solar Time (MLST).



S2 MPC Operations Manager

Does it mean the imaging time in our area (Iran) is 07:36?

Yes in UTC