Sentinel-2 L1 data corrupted


does anyone know what is the issue with this Sentinel-2 L1C B02 data? What is the cause of this?

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Hello Elsa
What you are seeing there is lost pixels. This issue occurs sometimes when there are issues in the downlink of data from the instrument to the Ground Segment. The issue is Anomaly #10 in the L1 C Data Quality Report, available from the Sentinel-2 User Guide Document Library ([S2 UG DL]) (Document Library).

As the Report notes:

"This type of behaviour is expected and traced in the product:

  • a technical quality check is performed at datastrip level and reported in the End User product metadata in case of failure;
  • the number of missing packets is reported in the datastrip metadata;
  • the affected area is described in the technical quality masks (TECQUA gml files)."



S2 MPC Operations Manager

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Thanks Jan for the response!

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