Sentinel-2 tiles with archive acquisition dates

Dear all,
Is there a tool to extract Sentinel-2 tiles ID with the dates of the archive acquisition during the selected period of time? I do not want to download all the data. I just need their acquisition dates.
Thank you for help.

Maybe this can be useful: Sci Hub Catalogue View

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Hello @pantinciaj

Given that S2A and S2B orbit with a fixed periodicity with a 10 day Cycle of 143 Orbits per day, and you know your Relative Orbit, it should be reasonably straightforward to set up an Excel spreadsheet that would give you an idea of when your AOI was going to be covered. Of course, the spreadsheet wouldn’t be able to predict cloud… :slight_smile:



thank you for you help. I was rather interested in the archive acquistion dates. However, I solved my problem using EarthExplorer. There I can define the period of time, Sentinel-2 tiles, percentage of clouds and from the results it is possible to generate SHP as well as TXT files with the list of tiles and their acquistion dates.


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