Sentinel-2A data unavailability on the DataHub (19-10 to 09-11)

Hi everyone,

I noticed that some S2 images are missing from the DataHub. More specifically, I cannot access the data from 25-10 to 07-11 (tiles over the Netherlands). So I am wondering if these data will be finally uploaded or not.

Thanks, Barry

Hi Barry,

The SciHub is facing ongoing issues in data availability due to the increased number of products arriving from the Sentinel missions. You can keep up to date with what is happening on the relevant News pages:



S2 MPC Operations Manager

Are you sure? There is S2 data for the Netherlands on Amazon, and since they pull it off the apihub, it should be there as well.
For instance, November data is here:

(latest is from 7 Nov. Not much of it is cloud free, though, so maybe your script filters on cloud cover)


Hi Guido,

Not sure who your question is addressed to, but as Barry’s original query was regarding the DatHub (which I took to mean the SciHub/DHUS) then that’s where I focused my answer. I understand that the apihub (which - if I understand it correctly - is limited to thos people who registered before May this year) still has data. Indeed, we get a regular pull using a Cron to check data quality. As for Amazon, they’re outside my AOI.




I am sure I replied to Barry’s question, but I think the forum just lists reactions chronologically. I just checked scihub and this is indeed a problem (no NL data). Until now, I always thought that both scihub and apihub gave access to the same sets. It is not entirely logic that this is not the case, esp. since apihub seems to discriminate against late registrants.


Hi Guido,

Yes. Both give access to the same data, but the SciHub is not doing it as successfully as one would wish. I see there is no mention of restrictions to Users on the API hub now, so perhaps anyone can access it.

The API Hub Access is currently available for all users registered on SciHub.

This wasn’t the case at the turn of the year, when it was restricted:

The API Hub Access is currently available only for users registered before the 20th of November 12:00 UTC, the user credentials as of the 20th November are valid to access this site.

The API Hub Access is currently available only for users registered on SciHub before the 21st of December 16:46 UTC. The same user credentials are valid to access this site.

Maybe PEPS might have more data?



Dear all,
I am afraid PEPS is experiencing the same problems, as it is taking the data from scihub or the collaborative hub.
Last image on Toulouse in PEPS was obtained end of October. I have seen that sentinel-playground has more recent items, in AWS.
I don’t know how they do it.

Best regards,

Everything seems to be working better now. At least PEPS is now up-to-date.

Hello all,
When I run the nice Olivier’s code, I get endless loop. So, I commented the lines of the type:

while os.path.getsize(“files.xml”)==0 : #in case of “bad gateway error”


In this fashion, I can get the image data (.jp2) and some part of the other repertories. However, the metadata repertories are empty. For instance, there are empty files in place of repertory in DATASTRIP or AUX_DATA and QI_DATA in the GRANULES.
Any ideas?