Sentinel 3 archived data download

I needed Sentinel 3 data of 2016, but its not available in EUMETSAT. Can anyone suggest me how to get it.

You need to order the data. You can do it here:

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thanks @marpet

I tried that, but it does not contain Sentinel 3 SLSTR data of 2016 (the search result is giving 0MB output)

Ah, 2016! Could be that there is no data.
L1 data is available since late 2016 and L2 is available even later, if I remeber correctly.
But to be sure, you can contact Eumetsat directly:

Since May 2016 L1 data is shown available.
Will check with Eumetsat, thanks @marpet

Hi @marpet, thanks for your guidance. I’m looking for a OLCI Level 2 Ocean Colour Full Resolution in NRT - Sentinel-3 , from 1st july to 31 Aug 2017, but it seems like there are no data for this period. So I’ve checked the product description ( and the temporal extend says 04/07/2017 until now.
Could you help me please?

Coda is just an rolling archive. Data which is already a bit older is not available anymore via this service.
In the user manual section 1.1 it is said that you can go to
I think you will find the data you are looking for there.

thank you @marpet, the reprocessed products page works, however for my study area, the data is very cloudy :frowning_face:

I need the OLCI WFR Sentinel-3 product from before 2021 (2018, 2019 and 2020) but unfortunately at the link ( only 2021 data can be accessed. You have introduced sites for receiving old Sentinel 3 data, but the link has expired. Please advise how I can access the old WFR.

Thank you very much

Would be best if you ask EUMETSAT directly: Contact us | EUMETSAT

I sent a message to EUMETSAT but they did not respond.

Maybe you need to give them a bit more time or you can bother them again.
Or you can try CREODIAS Finder