Sentinel 3 band missing while importing file into QGIS

Hai Good evening everyone
I download sentinel 3 data and carried reprojection, band select finally I export to GeoTiff format by using SNAP…

I would like to do reclassify that output GeoTiff file in QGIS for that I loaded data in QGIS then I could not find any band like Sea surfacce Temperature in QGIS Screen

I need to visualize SST data in QGIS

Advance Thankyou

The band names are not preserved in GeoTiff.
You could use NetCDF instead, or you decide based on the value range which band is which or export each band separately to geotiff.

yes I choosed lat, long , chl a band in sendinel 3 data and expoerted as Geotiff (not working )

If you leave out the lat and lon band only the chl_a band will remain.
You don’t need the lat lon bands. You have reprojected the data, hence you scene will be geo-referenced anyway.

yes after exported to geotiff not working in qgis

I just did.

I have only one band the SST of SLSTR in the GeoTiff.

How do you export the data. Do you use from the menu File → Export → GeoTiff.
Or do you richt click on the view and select ‘Export View as Image’?
If you do the last option, please you the Export via the File menu.
‘Export View as Image’ only export images and are not intended to be used for further validation.

Yes same I did for sentinel 3 chlorophyll a

I save file as Geotiff while doing band select tool

After exporting geotiff i Could not find chl_OC4me band in QGIS

same way I export as netcdf that band shows in qgis while loading Nc data