Sentinel-3 download limit from EUMETSAT CODA repository

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to download a large database of Sentinel-3 data (level 2 WFR) from EUMETSAT CODA repository. To do this, I use a python code to read a product list and generate automatically a WGET command line. The code worked fine but a soon as I reached 40 consecutive downloads, an ERROR appeared:

ERROR 500: Internal Server Error
cause-message: MediaRegulationException : An exception occured while creating a stream: Maximum number of 40 concurrent flows achieved by the user

Since then (1 week ago), my account is blocked and I can no longer download any data from EUMETSAT server with that account. I managed to resume the download using other accounts but it seems weird that I had to change account every 40 images.

Any idea what went wrong ?

Thanks for your help,


I would suggest that you contact Eumetsat directly.
Probably they can reset your account or tell you other directions for downloading such amount of data.

Thank you marpet.
That’s exactly what I did a few days before posting my question on this forum, but I haven’t received any response from EUMETSAT so far.