Sentinel-3 Geometric Correction

Dear all

I’m working with sentinel-3 data. S3 OLCI bands (EFR product) need a geometric correction. I do this using the reprojection command in SNAP. However after correction, when I export a kmz format to show in Google Earth, it has a definite spatial shift compare to Google Earth Image. Is there any soulution for this problem?


I also encountered a similar problem. When I imported the image processed by SNAP Reprojection into ArcGIS, I found that the position of the same name point was offset. Have you solved this problem ?

Hi @Amirhossein
Your issue might be solved by changing the kind of the GeoCoding.

If this is not helping, then please provide more information about the data and the area you work with.
Also, screenshot which depict the shift can be helpful.