Sentinel-3 No image after merge band


I have atmospheric correction image of sentinel3, on that image there is no lat, long available, to get Geo-Coordinate I merged the all require band in QGIS [ex, my case (B1,B2,B3, Lat, Long) ]
then I exported in tiff,

In SNAP , I could able to see 5 band ,

also All the band not viewable it showing block images,

Thank you

What is your purpose? Which AC algo are you using?

Exactly i am looking to retrive chlorophyll by applying algorithm, for that

I download data S3 L1 data
I did Atmospheric correction by using ICOR
The Output file images not having lattitude and longitude
I need to reproject my image.

To add lat long I did this work in QGIS
I opened reflectance and Lattitude and Longitude file in tiff format (These 3 file are i got from ICOR working folder – icor_h3en0jfx_proc)
I merged using merge tool
and I saved file as in tiff format
Then I try to open band (output) file ,
At this stage The image not viewed…

Thank you

Have you used the iCor plugin in SNAP or as stand-alone?

Yes I used ICOR plugin in snap (Mean I added ICOR plugin in snap)

The option i have shown in picture,