Sentinel-3 OLCI convert datatype error

I want to use some bands of OLCI L2 data, but after exporting the band, I found a numerical error.
Later, I used the convert-datatype tool to convert unit8 to float type. However, I had a large amount of L2 data, so I established a simple batch-processing model, as follows:
But there was such a mistake

How to solve this problem?

That’s an issue which is known since a while.
Have you added the WQFS_lsb band to the list of bands to be converted? Try it with out this band. It shouldn’t be necessary to be converted.

What kind of numerical error have you experienced when you exported the data? To which format have you exported?

When I load OLCI data in the batch processing module, it will automatically report an error and prompt me to select the WQSF_lsb band. However, in the convert datatype option of the batch processing module, all bands are not displayed, and I have not converted the WQSF_lsb band to float32 type. I just want to convert the CDM band to float32, but I have no choice. It works when you use the convert datatype function in the raster option alone.
I don’t think it’s the output format problem, because I have selected multiple formats of image output, but they also reported errors.
I don’t know how to solve it.
Is this a bug?

I have never used the batch processing functionality. When I want to do batch processing I use the command line.
Maybe someone else help here.
If you want to try the command line you can check this guide:

I think the problem is that you are trying to convert the flag coding file and maybe that is not possible? I tried with S2-MSI (C2RCC) and found the same problem in the GUI with the flag band.

Thanks for your response.
Actually, I don’t want to convert the flag coding file.I only use the CDM band, but in the batch processing interface, its band can’t be selected, so it can’t run. However, OLCI’s data all contain the flag coding file. Please tell me how to solve this problem. I have been troubled for several days.


I just tried to create a graph and use it in the Batch Processing.
And is seems to work


And that’s the graph:

So I see a difference. In your Batch Processing I see a Write tab. This is not visible when I load my graph. Do you have multiple write operation in you graph?
Another question, do you have installed the latest updates?

Thank you very much for your reply

There is such a problem. There is an additional option to write data. After that, I uninstalled the old version of the software and installed the latest SNAP, but it still didn’t work. Finally, I replace a computer for the same operation. This time, it did not report any errors and worked well. I wonder if this problem has anything to do with computers?

In short, your reply solved my problem. Thank you very much

Wow. Great to hear that it is finally solved.
But that you had to switch computer to solve it is strange.
Anyway, at least it works now.