Sentinel 5P harpmerge tool not picking same date Multiple file

I am trying to harpmerge 2 swath (OFFL) files for same day but the syntax provided in RUS Copernicus Webinar and Air Quality Monioring PDF Helpfile ( is not working for me.

Need Urgent help.


I’ve run into the same problem last week, with Anaconda PowerShell message ‘could not find…’. The syntax using ‘*’ didn’t work for me, too. After many trials, I have found a solution in the harpmerge documentation:

harpmerge [options] <file|dir> [<file|dir> …]
Concatenate all products as specified by the file and directory paths into a single product.
If a directory is specified then all files (recursively) from that directory are included.
If a file is a .pth file then the file paths from that text file (one per line) are included.
These file paths can be absolute or relative and can point to files, directories, or other .pth files.

So, instead of using S5P_OFFL_L2__AER*.nc, I moved all the input files into /temp and run harpmerge withing that temporary directory using the following code:

harpmerge -a ‘latitude > 32 [degree_north]; latitude < 42 [degree_north]; longitude > -126 [degree_east]; longitude < -116 [degree_east]; absorbing_aerosol_index_validity>80; bin_spatial(101,32,0.1,101,-126,0.1); derive(longitude {longitude});derive(latitude {latitude})’ ./ …/…/Processing/Fire_California/

I haven’t tried making a .pth file yet but it could be better than just specifying a folder if you have a lot of files and don’t want to copy them to /temp every time you need to create a merged file.

I have the same problem on my PC (windows OS), but, also specifing the directory don’t work, have you some idea? May you wirte the complete code have you used?

In what way, can I create a temp folder?