Sentinel RAW data processing

I have used sentinel GRD data in sentinel toolbox 1 and processed previously. Now I find only RAW data of the specific area and specific time for my study. So how can I open the RAW sentinel data and process RAW data with SNAP (s1tbx). I could see metadata, vector data and tie points only. Which file contains the data and how to open the data and see it, and process it further. Any other ways to open the data and process.

RAW data cannot be processed with SNAP as it is not focused yet. Is SLC an option?

Hi, It is surprising that you can only find RAW data for your area/time. Could you provide details of your area/time period so I can check on the availability of GRD/SLC products. Thanks.

RAW data is some what extended towards my study region. Thats why I downloaded that data.

Note that in SAR processors, the size of the processed product (GRD or SLC) will be slightly smaller than indicated by the size of the raw data. This is because range compression reduces the range size by the pulse length and azimuth compression reduces the azimuth size by the synthetic aperture length. So a more accurate way of determining if data covers your location is to look at the GRD/SLC products in the Copernicus data hub ( or via the ESA Sentinel-1 planning at

thank you for the vital information.