Sentinel toolboxes

Hi everybody,

first of all thank you for the great work and the umprograms for processing sentinel data.

I have a request regarding the installation of the toolboxes for Sentinel-1/-2/-3. I would be great if in the future a version as “portable app” could be offered, which doesn’t need to be installed.
The biggest advantage is to take the toolboxes with the made settings and data e.g. on an external hard disk. The second big advantage is the use on a PC without special administrator rights, which otherwise prevent an installation.

Had you tried to install it without administrator rights? From my personal experience I can say that It was always possible (please any developer corrects me if I am wrong) as I did it many times already. It just get installed on the user space directory $HOME . Only the links are done in the /usr/local/bin folder, which does not affect the rest of the installation packages.

SNAP gets installed and created snap and .snap folders (the hidden folder with the aux data and more) located on the user HOME directory, unless you change it during the installation. I have always tried it in Linux… not clear on other platforms.

So, my believe, but even if I have not tried it, is that you can run it from external disk. It is just a matter of moving the folder there and try it. If you may have time, please let me know if you manage to do so.

Good luck!

It should be possible to move the SNAP installation directory onto a USB-stick and start SNAP from there. It has been addressed already (SNAP-370).
When starting SNAP some user-specific directories are generated. One is USER_HOME/.snap and on Windows additionally at %appdata%/SNAP. It would not be easy to get rid of them, because they have a certain purpose and they are generated by the NetBeans Application Platform SNAP is build on.