Hello dear ones
I want to AutoCoregistration 2 sentinel 1 (GRD)images in snap(radar >coregistration) but snap just fill %5 of the coregistration work and after %5 process do not process more(down picture)
after this stop processing, my computer working very slowly like hang mode.
why does this problem is occur? and how I can solve it?
Do I need to install a specific plugin before using coregistration command?
Thank you.

did you save your subsets as separate products before applying coregistration?

yes, I save subset separately before applying coregistration

how large is the band (number of columns and rows) and how much RAM does your computer have?

Thank you
the process complete after 8 minutes.

thank you for reporting - so what change allowed you to finish the task?

I do not change anything the process after 4 or 5 minutes stop in 5% progress, again start complete task. and my computer Ram is 8 Gigabyte

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