Hi there,

I’m currently trying to create an automated processing of SLC images. I need both Coherence and GRD as output. I am however very confused about the processing steps that the images should go through. I’ve looked through SNAP’s prebuild graph called Sentinel1SLCtoGRDGraph.xml. My understanding is however, that the grd product you obtain through this graph is not the GRD product, that you get from the hub.

On another note, when you have the appropriate GRD-product, I was convinced that the following would be an appropriate way of getting a reasonable sigma_nought product. Can you confirm?

Lastly, what happens, if i try to apply calibration, thermalNoiseRemoval and orbit files more than once? Do i mess with the product, or is it registeret in the meta-data, which processes the data has been through, so it won’t be double-done?

Best Regards
Nicolai Thomassen