Sentinel2 Level 1_Data-C2RCC

White color appears at boundary of images (sentinel 2 L1 data) after processing with C2RCC and reflectance is same for all the images with s

uch a problem. Any suggestion please? I have first resamped images to 60m and then applied C2RCC. The resampled images looks okay.

442.7 nm 492.4 nm 559.8 nm 664.6 nm 704.1 nm 740.5 nm 782.8 nm
0.037024442 0.016189003 0.002549473 0.000235093 0.000129211 3.37381E-05 2.72296E-05

you can use the Pixel Info tab to get the pixel value of the white area. Then add it as NoData value in the band properties to make it transparent.

Problem is that it gives the same reflectance across bands for all the images with this problem. So may be I shoud not consider such images?

you mean the original image is already corrupted in the white areas?

No the original images and resampled images are okay but alfter processing through C2RCC they get corrupted.

so some images don’t have this white frame after C2RCC?

No most of them dont have this white frame.

Please see the original image.

Have you replicated the error by running it again for the same scene? Maybe it was just a glitch in the memory?

This error appears for several scenes and I have tried C2RCC multiple times on a same scene but it gives this white frame each time.

No still I can see white frames.