Sentinel3 OLCI Reprojection Fail (data source not detect)


I download S3 L1 and I did atmospheric correction by using ICOR and I tried resampling then did reprojection but on the reprojection screen my source product product not read also even I tried to manual selection but it say source product not valid…?

The reason the product is not valid is that it does not contain geo-information anymore.


Somehow the information got lost during your processing steps.


Thanks to you

How it possible ? The S3 data run 100 % on ICOR, is there any issue, Okay is there anyway to reprojection?

If I remember correctly this is an issue of icor.
In SNAP you can go in the menu to “Tools / Attache Pixel GeoCoding” Afterwards the geo-information should be available.

I tried that method , lat I choose band 1 , for long_ band 2 and 1 KM resolutiion

But it say some error

Yes I also absorved from output file from ICOR it shows only 19 band but Actually L1 data has 21 band.