I have been using sentinelsat to download sentinel 2 data from Scihub. It has always had intermittent failures to download, where it reports receiving invalid response from server. But lately it has not been able to download for the past four days- it has never been unable to download for more than two hours.
Could Scihub be going through a downtime period that they have not announced on their website?

I think it would be good if you send your question to
They are responsible for the support of the SciHub.

Hi Prince,

SciHub is having issues:



S2 MPC Operations Manager

Oh! Didnt see that. Thank you Jan!


Hi guys, i still get a 404 when i run sentinelsat. The maintenance period of August should be over now. Is there something im missing still?

Its ok there is a newer sentinelsat, while i was still trying to use the older one.
Thank you