Setting Cloud Mask to a No Data Value

Hello ,
I already masked the Sentinel2 after resampling with Idepix and it was successful I got my mask layer of clouds and cloud shadow.
However, I need to Substitute the Cloud Value in the image with No Data Value to neglect its existance while doing classification.
Could You Please instruct me on how to do so

You can set a valid-expression to the bands.
Right-click on the band and set the valid-pixel expression.
For example:

Done Successfully with your instruction.
Thank You

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After doing this it set all cloud pixel value to NAN but now i am doing a Collocate and i am getting an error aCollocate error.
I did a subset before for the image and the preview opened normally but with the collocate , the preview is not opening.
I can add in a separate post if you prefer.

Are you using SNAP 8? This issue should have been fixed with this release.

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No I am using SNAP 7 I will install version 8 and try again. Thank you

It worked in version 8. Thank You

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