Shape file imported incompletely

Dear all,

I have the following problem: I imported a ESRI Shapefile as vector layer (SWBD data), but only a small part of the data is displayed in SNAP (see first picture). It doesn’t make a difference whether I choose to import the different polygonial shapes contained in the shapefile separately or not. I tried other shapefiles and they are displayed correctly in SNAP, so I was wondering whether the shape file is incomplete. But in QGIS, the shape file is displayed correctly (see second picture). Is this a known issue and is there are solution for this?
I also attached the shapefile.

Thanks a lot in advance!

e008n53e.shp (287.7 KB)

Maybe it has false or invalid topologies. Please run “fix geometries” in QGIS and try again.
Also “multipart to singlepart” could help.

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The “fix geometries” operation in QGIS fixed it, thanks a lot!