"Ship detection" and "wind speed" not working


I am trying to use Sentinel-1 Toolbox to detect ships and to generate a
wind speed field iby processing the Sentinel-1 SAR data. When i run an
“Object detection” option it generates a new file but DOES NOT produce a
new layer “Object Detection Results”.

The same happens when i run a “Wind speed” function - it does not
produce any wind speed data and the “Wind Speed” layer is missing in the
output file.

I am using Version 1.1.1 of Sentinel-1 Toolbox for Linux 64 bit

Please help.

Using a S-1 GRD, you must calibrate to Sigma0 first then apply the Object Detection or Wind Field Detection. Open your new product and open a band then go to the layer manager and add a new layer selecting Object Detection Results or Wind Field Estimation from the list of available layer sources.

Many thanks for support !