Should I use atmospheric correction for all bands or for specific bands?

Hi guys,

Should I use atmospheric correction for all bands or for specific bands for Sentinel-2 ?

depends on what you want to do with your data. Generally, all bands are influenced by atmospheric conditions, maybe to different degrees but correcting all is never wron.

I want to calculate different vegetation indexes.

By the way, do you know how get:

  • aerosol optical thickness (AOT)
  • ozone
  • surface altitude

from image for atmospheric correction?

if you use indices, calibration definitively makes sense.

You cannot derive surface altitudes from Sentinel-2 images, but there is an ozone band, please have a look at the release note:

Maybe Sentinel-3 helps you with the aerosol thickness but I don’t know anything about that.

@ABraun actually sen2cor gives you AOT values, but I’m not sure about ozone. They use ozone internally.
@greenera a surface altitude can be added by using right-click on the product and selecting ‘Add Elevation Band

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Thank you @ABraun and @marpet.

@marpet do u know how to receive a surface altitude without sen2cor?

I just said it in my last post. Use Add Elevation Band. It gives you the altitude of the surface. Elevation is just another name

@marpet thank you

Hello marpet, please can you tell me how to get AOT and WV values from Sen2Cor? When iI run it, it gives me just one band

@premet please don’t post the same question over various topics. People will answer if you properly formulate a question. Tell them what you want to do, what data you use and what you already tried. Otherwise we cannot help you.

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@ABraun i am really sorry. I made my own topic, but nobody was replying me so I kept looking for other topics and try to ask different people. I really need to solve my problem, that is why I posted to various topic. Sorry for that

no problem, I just have to keep it clean a bit. It really mostly depends on how you ask things if you get answers or not. If people have to think too much to get what you want they keep scrolling. Try to fetch them as good as possible.