Simple/Approximate Reflectance from L1C S2

I’m wondering if there is a simple way to approximate L2A/Reflectance using only L1C band stack and DEM? Perhaps using DEM/ B01,B09,B10 simple scalars etc… Of course I’m aware of Sen2cor, and its great. But I’m wondering if there is a simple way that its performance could be approximated (though imperfectly) in a coarse way.

Thank you.

Atmospheric correction is much harder for open ocean (e.g., clear water) than land, so it would be useful to know more about your intended application. If you can restrict the range of geometries, atmospheric conditions, and surface characteristics it might be feasible to construct lookup tables from Sen2cor results. Even if this doesn’t provide complete coverage, you could reduce the number pixels that require
Sen2cor processing those unlike any used to create the lookup tables.

Yes my apologies its central to western North America. Only concerned about Land processes, water not at all. I had considered performing some sample sen2cor, then using that output to do a simple regression or other translation to reflectance from L1C. Of course I’m interested because the number of scenes I’m interested in considering is very large. I particularly would like to leverage B01 B09 B10 values.