Simultaneous installation of SNAP 6 and SNAP 7

I would like to know whether it is possible to have a simultaneous installation of SNAP6 and SNAP 7 in the same machine and OS. And if yes, how it can be done.


For linux and macOS, you could install snap N to a snapN directory, but conflicts will occur in the ~/.snap directory. Some people rename ~/.snap to ~/.snapN after installation, then rename ~/.snapN to ~/.snap when they want to use version N. Another method that has the advantage that you can have both versions running at the same time is to create a special login/user, say snapN, and install the matching version as that user.

Windows has some limitations that can lead to nasty surprises. If the two snap versions use different .dll libraries, windows has a tendency to use the first library that was loaded for subsequent processes, and may put some temporary files in the user’s Appdata folder so renaming ~/.snapN may not eliminate all conflicts. These limitations may be more of a problem your workflows use snappy (python) or other external programs like gdal. If you reboot after switching snap versions then renaming could work.

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Hello, I’m just curious. What is the reason for installing both SNAP 6 and SNAP 7 at the same time?

There are many reasons. Sometimes a newer version breaks existing workflows. Sometimes a newer version changes a product but you need to continue extending the series with the old version while you build a new version of the series and investigate the changes. Sometimes questions are raised about calculations made with an older version and you need the old version to investigate.

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Thanks for the clarification @gnwiii